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Skywards has received a request from your child to become a member of the Skywards Skysurfers programme. In order for your child to become a member, it is necessary for us to collect, use and possibly disclose your child's personal information. We thereby ask you to review and confirm your acceptance of the following privacy policy, and confirm your acceptance below:

  I agree to give consent to my child's membership in the Skywards Skysurfers programme.
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  1. The Skywards Skysurfers Website, in conjunction with the Skywards frequent flyer programme, is operated for persons aged between two and 16 years of age by Emirates (a decree corporation established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on behalf of itself(the Operator).
  2. The Skywards Skysurfers Website collects the following information from Skywards Skysurfers members (the members information):
    1. full name;
    2. address;
    3. contact telephone and facsimile numbers;
    4. contact e-mail address;
    5. date of birth;
    6. gender;
    7. nationality;
    8. hobbies or interests;
    9. locations of interest;
    10. preferences concerning aircraft seating and services provided on-board;
    11. transaction details including Miles accrual and Reward transactions relating to Skywards Skysurfers;
    12. preferred correspondence language and method; and
    13. name, address, contact details and date of birth of the parent or guardian of the Skywards Skysrufers member.
  3. The Skywards Skysurfers Website uses “cookies”. These are identifiers which the Skywards Skysurfers Web
    site can send to a member's browser to facilitate the member's next visit to the Skywards Skysurfers Website.
    A browser may be set to notify when a cookie has been sent, giving the option to decide whether or not to
    accept it.
  4. The member information may be collected from the Skywards Skysurfers members through the Skywards
    Skysurfers Website, a paper application form or by email.
  5. Member information:
    1. will be retained and used by the Operators to ensure the efficient running of Skywards Skysurfers, including
      the crediting of Miles, the provision of membership statements and the awarding of membership tiers;
    2. may be disclosed as required by law;
    3. may be used by the Operators to send the Skywards Skysurfers member communications about
      promotions, services, products and facilities offered by Skywards Skysurfers, or to notify winners of
      contests conducted through the Skywards Skysurfers Website; and
    4. may otherwise be used in a manner which a parent or guardian of a Skywards Skysurfers member may
      authorise from time to time, including the redemption of Miles with a Skywards Skysurfers service partner.
  6. Subject to paragraph 5(d), no member information will be disclosed by the Operators to any third party. The
    parent or guardian of a Skywards Skysurfers member may consent to the collection and use of the member
    information by the Operators without consenting to the disclosure of that member information to any third party.
  7. The Operators will not require a Skywards Skysurfers member to disclose more information than is reasonably
    necessary as a condition to participation in any on-line activity associated with the Skywards Skysurfers Web
  8. The parent or guardian of a Skywards Skysurfers member may at any time review the member information,
    request its deletion or refuse to allow any further collection or use of that child's member information at no
  9. The parent or guardian of a Skywards Skysurfers member will be required to give new written consent whenever
    there is a material change in the manner in which member information is collected, used or disclosed.
  10. The Operators may require reasonable written evidence of the relationship of a parent or guardian to
    potential member or a member of Skywards Skysurfers from time to time for security purposes. Subject to
    applicable law, the Operators will not be liable in any way for the verification of the signature of parents
    guardians and for the verification of the authority of the parents or guardians to give such consent.
  11. All queries concerning the Skywards Skysurfers Website may be addressed to:

    PO Box 35436
    United Arab Emirates
    Facsimilie: (+9714) 316 7001
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