If you think all these benefits and extra privileges make flying so much more exciting … hold on, there's even more. It gets better when you become a Silver Skysurfer and even better when you become a Gold Skysurfer. Best of all, getting to the next tier level is fairly easy.


The Skywards programme uses different types of miles for different reasons: Skywards Miles for earning rewards and tier miles for progressing through the membership tiers. Skywards Miles are exchanged for rewards and are earned every time you fly with Emirates, our partner airlines, and when you use any of our non-airline partners.

In addition to earning Skywards Miles whenever you fly Emirates, you will also earn tier miles.Tier miles decides your level of membership.

Tier miles are earned at the same rate as Skywards Miles, based on the type of fare you purchase, where you start and end your journey, and your class of travel.

Tier miles required to qualify for Skysurfers Silver are 25,000 miles in any consecutive 13 month period whereas for Skysurfers Gold you need 50,000 miles.
To retain Silver or Gold membership status you must earn 25,000 tier miles or 50,000 tier miles respectively by your review date.

Tier miles are accumulated over a consecutive 12 month period and the balance of which does not equal zero unless you have no flights in 12 consecutive months. Once you achieve a higher tier, you will remain in this tier for the next 12 months.

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